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New experiential paths of smart tourism in Italy, Albania and Montenegro
28 April 2021
The NEST Catalog of “Smart Tourism destinations” is out!
Event poster
12 April 2021
NEST Final Event
The NEST cross-border consortium celebrates almost two years of cooperation
10 April 2021
NEST Final event to be organised by the Albanian Ministry of Finance and Economy on 14 April
12 February 2021
Spotlight on cooperation for Smart Tourism in the cross-border area
Smart tourism examples
11 February 2021
Sensitisation events in Italy were a blast!
Screenshot of the online meeting
10 February 2021
Capacity Building path in Montenegro was a great achievement
Participants in the event
08 February 2021
Sensitisation events on "Smart Tourism Management" successfully organised in Albania
28 projects and 37 itineraries were presented
21 January 2021
Great success for the selection of ideas launched in Italy by the NEST project.
Capacity Building course on smart tourism
14 January 2021
Capacity Building path launched by the Ministry of Economy of Montenegro