12 February 2021
Spotlight on cooperation for Smart Tourism in the cross-border area

The NEST project went on A2 CNN, Albania's main TV channel and representative of the American Information colossus, the CNN.

Ms Iris Tela, NEST Project Manager on behalf of the Albanian Ministry of Finance and Economy, Lead Partner of the initiative, brilliantly provided extensive and detailed insights into the NEST project's aims and results.

The interview was broadcasted at prime time of "Ditari" edition and was useful to explain both the Ministry's agenda on the development of smart tourism in Albania through a cross-border approach and the meaning of networking for smart tourism. The NEST laboratory of innovation was also presented as a way of stimulating public-private partnerships for a full and effective recovery of the sector during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

With this interview, the NEST project sheds light on the role and relevance of territorial cooperation for smart tourism and gets to be known across Albania and internationally.