Smart tourism examples

11 February 2021
Sensitisation events in Italy were a blast!

Great participation for the NEST Sensitisation events in Italy. About 60 participants remotely attended the 2 Sensitisation events organised by the NEST partner Tecnopolis PST.

The events took place on 8 and 9 February and were addressed to local and regional public entities as well as private companies and professionals in the tourism sector. The meetings were also an opportunity to present and involve local stakeholders in the participatory co-designing of a “Tourism Innovation Lab”. Among the representatives of the tourism sector, participated Carmela Antonino from Puglia Promozione, the Councilor for Tourism of the Municipality of Molfetta, Vito Manzari of Sud Sistemi and other actors.

Many good suggestions and inputs were collected. Tecnopolis and the partners of the Nest Project now have the task to re-design the Tourism Innovation Lab (TLab), a physical and virtual laboratory meant to offer innovative and operational solutions to SMEs, professionals, entrepreneurs, managers of the Apulian tourism industry and Regional Agencies, while helping build a more competitive cross-border tourist destination, stimulating the digital, innovation and technological skills of the thousands of small businesses that operate in the sector.