An image of the special track on “Digital Tourism and Smart Tourism Destinations”

14 June 2019
NEST Project partners organized a Special track at International Forum On Knowledge Assets Dynamics -IFKAD 2019

The partners of the project NEST have organized a special track on “Digital Tourism and Smart Tourism Destinations” at the international forum on knowledge assets dynamics that was held in Matera from 5 th to 7 th of June.

The forum IFKAD is an international highly recognized conference that each year brings together academicians, young researchers, practitioners and policy makers from different and interdisciplinary fields to debate and reflect on original approaches, models and tools regarding the position of knowledge management and design in the 21st century from a wide range of perspectives – i.e. economic, social, environmental and cultural perspectives.

The session on “Digital Tourism and Smart Tourism Destinations” has been proposed and organized by Valentina Ndou and Pasquale Del Vecchio from University of Salento, in collaboration with Annamaria Annichiarico of Tecnopolis and Piera Centobelli of University Federico II of Naples.

The session was aimed to bring together conceptual, empirical, analytical, or design-oriented approaches, trying to answer to some questions related to the new emerging business models that sustain smart tourism development, the set of skills and capabilities (business, analytical and technical) to handle smart tourism development, if tourism firms possess the required capabilities to deal with smart tourism, the understanding of how and where tourism firms can find or create such required capabilities, the role of education and training in creating and delivering such new
capabilities, the range of policies and regulations need to be adopted for effective data governance, privacy and security issues, and so on. The call for track is here attached.

Many contributions have been submitted. The session was chaired by Dr. Valentina Ndou, and took place on 5 th of June from 11.30 – 13.00. The papers presented include:

  • Role of smart destination in hospitality enterprises sustainability: an empirical study on booking channels management and revenues.
    Authors: Filippo Maria Renga, Veronica Digiorgio, Department of Management Engineering, Polytechnic of Milan.
  • Predictors of Negative Emotional Content in Online Review in the Hospitality Sector Cesare
    Authors: Amatulli, Matteo De Angelis, Anna Stoppani, University of Bari and LUISS University.
  • A methodological framework for measuring the smartness of Tourism Destinations.
    Authors: Ylenia Maruccia, Gioconda Mele, Valentina Ndou, Pasquale Del Vecchio.
    University of Salento.
  • Digital transformation of museums: a framework.
    Authors: Enrico Cori, Fabio Fraticelli, Department of Management, Università Politecnica delle Marche

The partner Unisalento, presented and discussed with academics and researchers the methodological framework that has been designed and realized as part of the Activities of the NEST project.