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20 March 2019
NEST, 2nd Project Steering Committee Meeting in Montenegro

The second Steering Committee meeting of the project NEST will take place on 21 and 22 March 2019 in Podgorica (Montenegro) at the Hotel Podgorica; the event is organised by the Ministry of Economy - Directorate for Development of SMEs (Montenegro).

NEST is a cross-border project aimed at sustaining the competitiveness of the Ionic-Adriatic destinations by empowering Tourism Enterprises with innovative approaches, tools and strategies, that leverage on the potentialities of digital technologies. In coherence with smart growth priority of the Europe 2020 strategy, NEST will favour the creation of a strategic model of “Interreg smart destination” by adopting collaborative and user-driven innovation models and approaches.

The main objectives of the project are: to improve the attractiveness of natural and cultural assets by taking advantage of digital technologies; to promote the smart and sustainable economic development in the IPA Area, through the networking and the creation and experimentation of a virtual joint laboratory to favour cross-border cooperation and foster co-creation and co-development of experiential paths.

In general, the project will create tourism products and services for the SMEs of the IPA Area. The representatives of the partnership will present the results of the context analysis promoted through specific questionnaires, in which the entrepreneurs gave answers on their specific experiences with the smart technologies.