28 projects and 37 itineraries were presented

21 January 2021
Great success for the selection of ideas launched in Italy by the NEST project.

The call for selection of ideas promoted by Tecnopolis PST, NEST project partner, saw a large participation of tourism stakeholders.

The call was launched in December and was part of a communication campaign by project partner EURelations EEIG, which targeted local authorities, entrepreneurs, tourism guides, operators in the tourism-cultural sector and citizens of the across the two Italian regions in which the NEST action takes place: Apulia and Molise.

28 applications and 37 itineraries were presented by stakeholders, ranging from sport to cultural heritage and food & wine.

The large and enthusiastic participation in the initiative shows that local stakeholders are proactive and ready to make the tourist destinations in the two regions "smarter". "From the proposals presented emerges a clear desire to promote our territories and to valorise their hidden and lesser-known gems by offering experiential paths that make tourism more innovative and engaging" said the TECNOPOLIS team.

The received proposals are now part of the NEST results and will be integrated in local and cross-border smart routes. These will be promoted in 4 languages ​​(English, Italian, Albanian and Montenegrin) within the final outputs of the project that will remain available to the larger the cross-border community.

Link to the results: https://bit.ly/39QjUaF